Providing the latest technology in well completion and service tools
We use the latest technologies to improve upon existing completion, service, and fracturing tools, while providing the innovative, new specialty tools and equipment that customers are looking for.


Target Completions is the industry innovator for custom, specialty tools.

Our creative tool designers review existing tools in-use in the field, then they make them better by providing new technology partnered with years of experience. Target Completions makes the advanced specialty tools that our customers are looking for.

Target Completions can provide a large quantity of service tools, as well as the niche specialty tools you need to get the job done. We help our clients by providing the latest fracturing tools they need in both open-hole and cemented systems. Our commitment to providing the latest technologies proves our impact in the oilfield.

Target Completions’ designs feature the latest state-of-the-art technologies to compete with the ever-evolving oil and gas industry. If you are looking for a custom specialty tool or a standard service tool, we’ve got you covered. Review our online catalog or contact our sales team today to learn more.