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T1019 LAUNCH TOE Sleeve

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The Target LAUNCH is a Frac Initiation Sleeve designed for the Toe area of horizontal wells. The high pressure rating gives the operator the ability to test the casing annulus, then increase pressure to hydraulically open the LAUNCH. The tool can then be the first stage of the frac job through the large ports. The pressure setting to open the tool is adjustable by the use of Burst Disc. A backup shear system is incorporated into the tool to prevent early opening.

This Patent Applied For tool is able to be used in conjunction with VectorSet Frac Packers, PAK-MAN Frac Plugs, T-NEMEC Frac Ports, Circulation Sub as well as common Floating Equipment. Many different combinations of these are able to be used in conjunction with the LAUNCH.

Using Dual Burst Disc, the tool provides a backup to insure opening at the desired pressure. Special Port Covers insure that the ports are not filled with cement or other debris that could prevent the piston from opening. When the tool is activated, these covers are removed.