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T673 Optima-HS Liner Hanger/Packer

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The T673 OPTIMA-HS Permanent Liner Hanger Packer is a Hydraulic Set, Dual Bore Packer for placing short or long tailpipe liners in Horizontal or Extended Well Bores. Target has designed the OPTIMA-HS with high tension load capability to make it a perfect choice when liner systems need to be anchored in place. As a double grip packer, the OPTIMA-HS prevents both upward and downward movement once the tool is set in place. Being a completely hydraulic set packer, the OPTIMA-HS does not require any setting string manipulation to set
the packer.

Use of a Dual Bore PBR Allows for the maximum ID thru the Tool and any Seal Assemblies to allow for the tool to be on size with the liner. Premium material rubber goods and pressure parts are available for well bore conditions in many areas of the world.