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T1203 AX-9 Model XR-3 Compression Packer

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The T1203 AX-9 Model XR-3 Double Grip Compression Set Packer is designed for Standard Pressure Service and Treatment Work. The XR-3 packer can be used in many service applications. With a large bypass and upper carbide hydraulic pistons (buttons), the XR-3 is a good choice for repair and treatment work above 10,000 feet and while able to work in pressures up to 7,000psi differential.

When run in tandem with the Target T750 TITAN, the tools can be used to isolate holes and perform a squeeze job in one run or isolate a zone(s) for treatment. Multiple J-Track configurations are available to work in tandem with most RBPs.

The Target XR-3 (AX-9) is part of the X-Series of tools. The reduction of parts required to support the XR-3 and all X-Series tools, makes this line of equipment a smart decision for any well servicing company.