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T601 AX-1 Sour Service - Injection Packer (7K)

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The AX-1 Sour Service - Injection Double Grip Packer can be used in most Sour Service production, fracturing and injection applications. The tool can be set mechanically using tension or compression and then left set in tension, compression or neutral. This makes the AX-1 the packer of choice for shallow as well as deep operations.

A Full Open bypass allows the tool to equalize pressure before the tool disengages the casing wall. Target Engineers have performed detailed engineering, and created a packer that truly bypasses properly and when it should, correcting many of the problems inherent in other tools of the past.

All Target AX-1 Injection Packers are are fully wireline set capable as standard features. By simply adding the Wireline Setting Kit and Shear Pins, and the AX-1 is ready to run on wireline with a Target T-2 On/Off Tool.

TargetBond Coating for Salt Water Injection service is available upon request. This coating will also provide additional protection against H2S and CO2. Special Materials for Chemical or Thermal Injection needs are also available options.

Multiple J-Slot options are available, with Right-Hand Set and Release as the standard option. When run with a Target T-2 On/Off Tool, the AX-1 packer can be left in place while repairing tubing or, with a Plug placed in the Stinger, used as a temporary bridge plug.

The Target AX-1 is the basis of the entire Target X-Series line of tools, making this an extremely versatile line of tools to accomplish most well servicing needs. The reduction of parts required to support the X-Series makes this a smart decision for any well servicing company.