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T614 HD-X Compression Service Packer (AX-7)

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The T614 HD-X 10K Compression Set Service Packer (AX-7) is used for high pressure production testing, squeeze cementing, acidizing and fracturing. Able to be configured in multiple different J-Track Configurations, the T614 can be run in tandem with the T750 TITAN Retrievable Bridge Plug to reduce tool trip times.

The T614 HD-X Compression Service Packer has an integral bypass system that allows circulation around the tools to remove cement and debris from around the tool when releasing.

The HD-X is part of the new X-SERIES™ of tools unique from Target Completions. Sharing components across the X-SERIES™ line gives the Service Provider the ability to have repair parts on shelf for multiple X-SERIES™ tools without having to stock individual parts for each model.