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T621 32B Tension Squeeze Packer

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The Target T621 32B Tension Squeeze Packer is a full bore, tension set squeeze packer that holds pressure from above and below. Run in tandem with the (T525) SC-2 Unloader, the 32B is used where sufficient tubing weight is not available to achieve pack off with compression set squeeze packers.

Target has made improvements to the standard Tension Squeeze Packers of the past with a Patent Applied for J-Track that allows the 32B packer to be run in tandem with either a Right-Hand or Left-Hand Set T750 WTC Retrievable Bridge Plug, and most other plugs.

There are many other areas, such as easier Drag Block and Gage Ring change out, in which the 32B has improvements over tools of the past. These new parts still retain compatibility with older tools to allow upgrades to the 32B standard by service providers. This includes the Body with the new J-Track.