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T670-040 OPTIMA-T2 Permanent Packer

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The T670 OPTIMA-T2 Permanent Packer is a Wireline Set Packer for isolation and production applications, without requiring a Seal Assembly to attach upper tubing. A Target T-2 Overshot is all that is required to latch on to the OPTIMA-T2 packer to connect an upper tubing string, if desired. The Type T-2 style of Stinger can have a large number of profiles built in to it to allow for plugging while tubing or upper casing repairs are performed without affecting production below the packer.

Target has designed the OPTIMA-T2 with common OPTIMA Series Parts to be able to convert tools between three different styles of tops with universal bottoms that work on all tools across the product line to reduce need of excess inventory at service centers.

As a double grip packer, the OPTIMA-T2 prevents both upward and downward movement once the tool is set in place. This allows the tubing string to be left in tension, neutral or compression when the T-2 Overshot is latched in place.

Premium material rubber goods and pressure parts are available for well bore conditions in many areas of the world.